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      "Cendar and his friends" Norma began.

      "D?an't you go vrothering him, lad. It'll only set him ag?unst you, and I d?an't care, not really; there'll be unaccountable liddle work to do in the house now your poor f?ather's gone, and Blackman w?an't be eating wud us. Besides, as he said, I'll find the days a bit slow wud naun to occupy me."

      Poor little Pete, badly excited as to what was happening to his best friend, was nervously fumbling his gun and eyeing the Aid.

      It was over.TO: John Harrison

      BOOK V ALMOST UNDER Chapter 1The spell of doubt was broken. A dozen others sprang towards the palings, a dozen more were after them to smite. The workmen swung their tools. The fight began.

      He knocked. From within came a faint sound of moaning. He knocked again. The midwife opened the door.


      "You bob-tailed brevet West Pointer," said Shorty savagely, raising his fist, "I've a notion to break you in two for tryin' to beat me out o' what's mine. Git out o' here, or I'll"


      "Well, I gave up all the sweet things of life, as you call 'emand why shudn't they?"