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      Near Anna prattled a Creole girl of sixteen with whom she now and then enjoyed a word or so: Victorine Lafontaine, daughter of our friend Maxime.The games up, gentlemen; the banks broke.

      I will tell her, he said, hoarsely.

      Youve made me put down the wrong soup and leave out one of the entres, she would say. Cant you find something to amuse yourself with for half an hour?


      She came down the stairs before they could answer. She had watched his arrival from the window of her boudoir, and had remained for a few minuteswhy, she could not have told; and as she gave him her hand, her lashes hid her eyes, and she felt that she was coloring.


      "Ladies and gentlemen and comrades in arms!" began Hilary and threw a superb look all round, but the instant he brought it back to Anna, it quailed, and he caught his breath. Then he nerved up again. To help his courage and her own she forced herself to gaze straight into his eyes, but reading the affright in hers he stood dumb and turned red.